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People with a full or restricted driver’s licence are able to apply for SEVEN times more jobs!

We provide an effective 3 day learner course that makes understanding the road code and passing the test much easier. Our pass rate is 98% first time.

We also provide driving assessment, lessons and test bookings for those ready to sit their restricted and full licence.

Who is it for?

You’re eligible if you:

  • Are ready to sit your learner, restricted, or full licence. 

  • Need you licence reinstated/renewed

  • Receive financial support from Work and Income

  • Referred by your Case Manager to Chamber Drive

Chamber Drive also hold learner licence courses in selected high schools in South Auckland. Please speak with your Careers Advisor to see if we offer it to your school. 


On the road to employment

Not having a driver’s licence is one of the biggest barriers for young people trying to get a job.

In fact, job seekers with a driver’s licence have up to seven times more opportunities to gaining paid employment. That’s why Chamber Drive is all about removing the barriers for young people - like Year 13 student Sione - to get a licence, and just as importantly stop them from getting behind the wheel without one.

“I never thought I’d get my licence, so I started driving around without one,” says Sione.

But now thanks to Chamber Drive he’s passed his learners test and on the road towards gaining a full licence.

“Just getting that little card, that Learner’s Licence, means a lot,” he says.

It also means Sione won’t fall into the trap that many young people do, of getting a conviction for driving without a licence – something that can be a bigger barrier to getting a job than not having a licence in the first place.

Overcoming and avoiding these barriers is the motivation behind Chamber Drive. The course is free, so there’s no cost, and it can be done at school so there’s no hassles.

And it all means ‘no worries’ for young people like Sione, driving his future forwards.
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How does it work?

Attend an info session in our office for an introduction and to register with us. Bring your ID and current licence.


Enrol in our 3 day Drivers Licence learners course. Our trainers will break down the road code for you to make it very easy to understand. You will have loads of practice tests so you’re ready for the real thing.

On the final day, we will book and pay for you to take the test.

Restricted and Full

To join our Restricted and Full licence programme you must be eligible to sit the test, that means you have had your licence for the required time and you have enough driving experience. That is a minimum of 120 hours on your learners licence.

We will book you for one-on-one driving assessment with a certified driving instructor to make sure you are ready and give you tips on what is expected in the practical driving tests. 

Provided you are ready to sit the test, we will book and pay for your test.

Note: You will use the instructor’s car for your driving assessments and your actual test so you don’t have to worry about the car.

IF YOU have an international licence, we will work with you to get a NZ licence.

What you need:

  • Application – We will provide

  • Photo ID (ONE of the following):

    • Birth Certificate (original copy)

    • Passport

    • 18+ Card

    • International drivers licence

    • Bank statement (Utility Bill OK)

If you do not have Photo ID we can still work with you! We will complete a DL26 Form and take your photo to support your application.

How do I apply/enrol?
Let your Work and Income case manager (or whoever you see when you make an appointment) know that you’re interested in getting your licence with us Chamber Drive.

They’ll send your details to us and we’ll contact you!

We run our learner licence course in selected high schools in South Auckland. Please speak to your Careers Advisor to see if we offer it to your school. 

If you have any questions call us on 0800 709 907.

How much does it cost?

Nothing—it’s free!


Student quote of the month…

Tutorial was excellent. Teaching methods excellent. Structured, accuracy, details were superb!!! Practice tests - it had the exact format and wording of the real tests which calmed my anxiety.