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Positive Pathways supports people with a medical condition back into work.

We provide training that builds on your skills and strengths, help you find a job that suits you, and provide ongoing support and mentoring.

And you will meet other great people who are taking the challenge to start work again.

We can help you:

  • CV that identifies your transferable skills and attributes

  • Networking and job search strategies

  • Interview preparation

  • Weekly workshops covering: Communication skills, body language, personality and management styles, time management and goal setting and much more

  • Recruitment service liaise with employers, arrange interviews, follow up with employers, provide feedback

  • Staff available to support every job application

  • Budgeting skills, IRD, employment contracts

  • Confidence and motivation

  • Ongoing mentoring support in work

We also organise industry-specific training (e.g Site Safe, Certificate of Approval (COA), Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ)).

We are proud to partner with the Ministry of Social Development to deliver Positive Pathways in Auckland.


Our Stories


Job seekers quote of the month

The tutor’s vibes were awesome and very much approachable.

They answered every questions in ways we understood and taught things without making it too complicated.

Everyone was made to feel comfortable in such a short time.

An amazing structure to learn a lot in such a short given time, very effective.



Who is it for?

  • Receiving financial support from Work and Income

  • On an HCID benefit or have a medical note on file 

  • Living in South and East Auckland

  • Ready to work either part time (min 20hrs) or  full-time

How does it work?

You come in for a 1 week induction programme where we bring out your strengths, build your confidence and get you job hunt ready with a new CV and all the tricks and tools.

We will also help you get your driver’s licence - learner, restricted, or full! To learn more about how we do that visit Chamber Drive.

After you complete the first weeks training, you attend weekly workshops where we work with you to find employment.

How do I apply/enrol?
Let your Work and Income case manager know that you are interested in Positive Pathways. They’ll send your details to us and we’ll contact you!

How much does it cost?

Nothing—it’s free!

Contact us on the form below and one of our team will let you know what you need to do to get involved.

Our Positive Pathways team

Our Positive Pathways team