Barriers don’t define me

grace pic.png

Grace’s courage and perseverance should serve as a role model for all of us.

Grace arrived at our Positive Pathways Programme as a highly motivated, intelligent and well qualified young woman, but Grace was still unable to secure paid employment. That’s because job hunting for someone with cerebral palsy is hard, especially when like Grace it affects your speech.

But when we looked at Grace’s experience from her volunteer work at the Cerebral Palsy Society and her qualifications, we created a new skill-based CV for her, as well as improving her interview skills and boosting her confidence.

However, the most impressive qualities Grace came prepared with was her perseverance and determination to get a job.

Grace lives in Albany - 40 km from our Manukau campus, and every day for several weeks Grace travelled by public transport to attend the course. She never missed a day and was never late.

Grace’s reward for her level of commitment was getting a job through us with a payroll service company called Manawanui In Charge, not far from Albany!

The company is delighted with Grace’s performance as a payroll assistant, and she is now a valuable member of their team.  Best of all, Grace is continuing to flourish and is especially proud to be a full-time employee.

And she’s ‘Positive Pathways proof’ that travel, disability and a lack of experience should be no barrier to the positive attitude for getting a job.