Plumbing Apprentice Follows in Grandpa’s Foot Steps


Max Leuila is building a successful career in the plumbing industry thanks to help from the Tāmaki Jobs & Skills Hub.

New plumbing apprentice Max Leuila decision to connect with the Tamaki College Trades Academy, and the hub, was strongly influenced by his family connections to the trades. “I did some renovations with my grandpa, who was a plumber, which made me change my mindset about what I wanted to be. “So, I joined the building and construction programme at Tāmaki College, which made me want to do plumbing. I wanted to challenge myself to do something new.”

The hub helped Max get his driver’s licence by putting him through a defensive driving course and connecting him with Stately Plumbing. But before he received the job offer, Max did the Tāmaki Jobs & Skills Hub’s Career Start course, alongside many of his trades academy counterparts.

“The course included interview skills, prepping your CV and then we had one on one sessions with our tutor. It helped me a lot because I was able to build more confidence in myself going to the interview after doing that prep course. That course made me feel really good and more confident about myself.”

The support continued after he got the job, with catch-up sessions at the Tāmaki Jobs & Skills Hub. “They were a really cool team and made me feel comfortable.”

Director of the Tāmaki College Trades Academy Rob Thomas says he’s excited the school has developed a positive relationship with the Jobs & Skills Hub. “We’re thrilled the hub has come on board to help us out by placing our students in apprenticeships and pushing them to get their licence.” 

Tāmaki Jobs & Skills Hub manager Alice Taupau says it is great to be helping local students fulfil their dreams. “It’s always satisfying to help the fantastic students from Tāmaki College into work. Developing a relationship with the school’s trades academy has been a real positive for us and we look forward to helping more of their jobseekers in the future.”