CadetMax a flagship for Mana in Mahi

CadetMax BoP.jpg

When the Prime Minister wanted a success story for the Government’s newest on-the-job training scheme Mana in Mahi, she couldn’t go past one of our very own CadetMaxers!

The Bay of Plenty CadetMax team knew they had a great candidate in 19 year-old Tipene Van Den Anker as well as an ideal employer for him in Tunnicliffe Timber, so they partnered with Mana in Mahi to bring the two together.

Tipene has really benefited from the placement and the programmes’ work-readiness support, skills, mentoring and training. 

“Not just with the job but with employment-related skills like interviews and with my confidence. Before this I wasn't really doing anything and finding a job had been tough." Says Tipene. 

Watch this video with the Prime Minister about Tipene’s CadetMax success.